Welcome 2016

Dear ARC,

Welcome to 2016! With the coming of a new year there is always a fresh hope in the air. While I rejoice with some exciting events and experiences from 2015, I can't help but to believe that God has some new and extraordinary experiences just ahead. I feel a very strong impression that God wants me to tell you that these experiences are contingent on your own faithfulness. I would encourage the church, as a whole, to make church attendance a top priority in your life. Not only does the church suffer from unfaithfulness to the House of the Lord, you as an individual, need to hear the preaching of God's Word often, as well feel the presence of God in an Apostolic worship service. Church attendance is not optional in our walk with God, it is a vital necessity. Not only are you doing a disservice to yourself and your family, but the church also suffers. Thank you in advance for your conscious effort in this area. And of course, I commend those who are faithful throughout the year in being in the House of God.

We have much to look forward to in 2016. We will start the year off with an all-church fast the first and second week of January. If you are not able to do the complete fast, do what you can, and I promise that God will move in your life.

I appreciate each and every Saint of God that attends ARC. You are an incredible group of people and I pray God's blessings and happiness in this new year!