In Everything Give Thanks

November is a good month to think about the blessings of the Lord. This month is coming off a very busy  October and it precedes an even busier, December. It seems things slow down a bit and it's easier to see God's work in our lives. The more I sit here and focus on my life, the better I feel. Is there no stress? Are things perfect? Is there nothing to be concerned over? Hardly! But the goodness of the Lord outweighs any negative that we have to contend with. If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to take inventory of God's favor in your life. Your spirit will be lifted and your hope will be strong. It is a guarantee that a thankful heart, is a happy heart!

The next couple months will be filled with many family activities and special services at ARC. We will be out of the routine of our regular schedule. I ask that you keep your focus on the Lord as you enjoy these special times. Let's make this the best Thanksgiving and Christmas we've ever had. Let us include Jesus in all that we do!