Great Start to 2016

Dear ARC,

One down, eleven to go - months that is in 2016. And what a great start to another year at ARC. We have had wonderful services in that many lives have been impacted. Watching God put individuals and families back together is one the most enjoyable experiences of being involved in church work. Some have said that there are not as many miracles today as there were in the past. I cannot disagree more. Not only is God still performing various miracles, He is specifically changing people's lives in a miraculous way! Spending time with our “newer” converts is a real treat. Hearing their story is extremely encouraging. What is it that caused Jesus to reach into our hearts and transform our lives? It is the love of Jesus. This month we will be hearing and seeing a lot about Valentine's Day. While I am all for buying gifts and cards for that special one, I am also a proponent of showing how much we love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No one has ever or will ever love us like Jesus loves us. This month I would like for us to focus on God's love for His people. His entire motivation for becoming a man and dieing for our sins, is love. Sounds simple I know, yet is truly unexplainable.

Don't forget to see Maranda Crossin to sign up for the Valentine's Banquet on Sunday the 14th. Thanks to Adam and Gina Heil for putting this together. Also, we are working on a location for the Men's breakfast on the 20th of this month. Details will soon follow.     

In Christ's Love,

Pastor Frank Crossin, Jr.