What a start!!

I would like to take a few moments to celebrate the year we've had so far. In every service we have felt the presence of the Lord. I cannot help but to think it is because of not only prayer, but also because the Body is unified. Your love for God and the Church has been evident in all that has been accomplished, so far. In addition to having record months in attendance this year, we are also getting ready to pay off the property we bought in 2015. We will be debt free once again! Because of the rising cost in construction, we will need to save a lot for the next building phase. This will be our focus as the need to accommodate future growth will become more of an issue. I would ask that as a Body we pray for a financial miracle to expedite the time to be able to build. Either way, if we continue to be faithful stewards in our personal giving, God will take care of what we'll need to facilitate the growth.

We had an incredible work day and I thank those of you who were able to be there. The church looked great for EasterSunday. The attendance for Easter was at the 160 mark!

As always, thank you for your continual loving sacrifice the make ARC the church it is today!