Welcome Summer

Dear ARC,

The long awaited summer is here! I personally am looking so forward to another midwest summer, more than ever. Around this time of year, we try and communicate the important upcoming church activities. So without further delay, here they are:

June 11th – Schweizerfest parade

June 17th – PB&J festival

June 25th – Sunday school picnic

July 3rd – Patriotic service

July 15th - PB&J festival

July 22nd - PB&J festival

August 6th – Rock-A-Block

August 5th - PB&J festival

August 7th – Friend Sunday

August 21st – Back to School service

August 26th & 27th – The Gathering (SFC relay)

September 11th – Bridge Builder's service (Rev. Ernest Dumaresq)

October 7th – Highland rally

October 8th – Harvest party

October 9th, 10th and 12th – Revival (Rev. Anthony Gally)

October 14th - 15th – Ladies Retreat

October 21st - 22nd – Men's Camp-out

November 5th – Ladies shopping trip

December 11th – Christmas party

December 18th – Christmas musical

As always, thank you for your continual loving sacrifice the make ARC the church it is today and have an enjoyable summer!