Celebrate Freedom

As we are approaching the half way point for summer, I trust you've been able to enjoy some summer activities. These activities give us a break from the routine. Even though we are busy doing various things, I want to commend everyone for your faithfulness. This is the first year that we began the summer with a Sunday attendance average over 140! In May we averaged 142 and June, 140. I believe in July we could break the 150 barrier!

I think most of us enjoy our nations birthday celebration every July 4th as far as the freedom we still possess. The ability to gather together a couple times a week and share the truth of God's Word, is a freedom I'm grateful for. Not only should we be thankful for this privilege, we must continue to take advantage of this freedom. As James Blaine observed, “America is the only country with a known birthday”. Since that may well be the case, I hope you are able to enjoy this special day with family and friends. We have a lot to celebrate

Thank you to everyone who makes ARC the Church that we have grown to love!