Welcome 2017!

My hope is that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. It's amazing how much time and effort goes into planning such events that come with the holiday season. Because of all the focus and hard work, these “events” are usually very successful. The same can be said with putting together church events. I don't know of anyone who would not desire a successful upcoming year. But like anything else, it will take much time and effort to have a year that will be remembered. I felt the Lord let me know that He desires for our church to begin the year getting our minds focused on the spiritual things of God. In order to do this, we will begin the year in fasting and prayer. I'm calling a Media Fast for January 2-5 and a Food Fast January 9-12. I believe this will enable us to come together as a Body and start the year focused on what God would have us to do in 2017. As always, we must put our focus on those who have yet experienced the Acts 2:38 salvation plan. I'm looking forward to another successful year of growth, not only in number, but especially in our walk with the Lord. For the past 17 of the 18 years at ARC, we have experienced growth. I don't believe 2017 will be any different. Yet, it will take much work and planning to see God draw hungry hearts to Him.

Thank you for your love and commitment to your church, and as always I am here to serve you and help you make heaven your eternal home.