All Things New


By the time spring season arrives, it is welcomed with opened arms. Being able to sit outside and observe the awakening of life, is an enjoyable experience. Although I'm not the greatest fan of cutting grass and working on the landscaping, I have to admit I enjoy the return of the sights and aroma of spring. I guess it's because of the life that returns, whether it be the green grass or birds chirping early in the morning. When I think of the rebirth experience of being filled with the Holy Ghost, I rejoice for the hope God's Spirit brings to hearts looking for a life in Christ. March is only the beginning of the “spring” experience I'm speaking of. As the weather gets even better as the season progresses, so does our walk with Jesus. Savor and think about the changes Jesus has made in your life. And just like those birds outside your window, you too will sing a song of praise unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your love and commitment to your church, and as always I am here to serve you and help you make heaven your eternal home.