Beyond the Resurrection

What a great time it is to be a part of the Body of Christ! This time of year we are celebrating our risen Savior. I become excited all over again when this celebration takes place, a celebration we call Easter. This year the church has been working very hard in putting together an Easter drama called, “This is That”. It's going beyond the resurrection of Jesus and will end with the outpouring of His Spirit, the Holy Ghost! You talk about a celebration. Not only did Jesus atone for our sins on the cross, but He gave us the ability to have Him inside of our hearts. Ephesians 3:17 says, “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith;...”. Simple faith can allow a person to have the Spirit of Jesus Christ live inside their heart. It does not get any better than that! Be sure and invite everyone you know to the “This is That” Easter Drama.

Thank you for your love and commitment to your church, and as always I am here to serve you and help make heaven your eternal home.